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Hi, I'm new

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I'm new to airsoft and am interested in airsoft sniping and found this form, any information at all would be useful and if anyone knows any good airsoft fields in Alabama that would be helpful as well.

Name: Jonathan.
Experience: new to airsoft.
Guns: KWA M16, WELL MB02
Camo: maybe buying ghillie suit, not sure of making one.
I live in Alabama.
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Umm could you give us some more information about you and follow the form at the top of the intro part. Which is like Name: Call sign: Etc.... Besides that welcome to the forum.
Ok thank you for editing your post.
Ok I will just list things because I love listing.
1 Yes that would go under dmr though.
2 It is out of stock and I don`t know but it hasn`t been in stock for a while. My guess would be discontinued.
3 To answer you sniper rifle question not dmr. Alot of people like the UTG/WELL L96 and or JG bar 10. But I like the A&K SVD. I`m a AK person. I just got one last weekend and I LOVE it. So accurate. Not joking I hit a cellphone sized target (iphone sized and it was cardboard of course) 9/10 times with the iron sights at 150 feet. That is amazing.
And you can do alot of things to the gun.
Just saying here is my brand new svd.
You don`t need to watch if you don`t want to.

And what I decided to do to it.

4. Back to DMRs. If you asked me what my favorite dmr would be. I would say CYMA AK. I love them accurate and alot better than any m4 in my mind. With some upgrades you can take out anyone.

Sorry if you got confused or not.... Remember if you don`t want to watch don`t watch and like give me stupid info or anything over it. I know a couple of people who would.
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Pistols that I like.
KJW Mk1 if you don`t have much money.
KWA ATP very nice.
KWA M93r
TM 5n7 I think thats what it is called. I will just say any TM and KWA guns are good.

Backup sights. Thats one I use are sometimes red dots or if I am really poor I use a front straw and a rear straw to use as fakey iron sights. It works just saying for me.
Here I will make a list of what I like.
A&K SVD. So far my favorite and my most painful.
UTG L96 aka Well L96
JG Bar 10.
Echo 1 ASR and M28 seem decent.
Rated from most fun to ehh. I have no exp. with the Echo 1 but I hear they are good.

Good upgrades.
Supposedly the SR12 can use a m130 easily with the motor.
A new barrel. The 6.05 barrel is good but the bore making( I don`t know what it is called) is not that amazing.
I would use a systema bucking or a guarder. I like systema buckings.
Also you have a option of trying to do a r-hop up but don`t ask me on that.
A new motor might be nice but the Stock KWA motor is good.
Basically KWA gun stock are pretty good.
Oh yeah I forgot to mention a sexy scope.
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Get the second because I have the G36K and I turned it into a dmr it was a no no with that scope I hate it. Besides that I like the g36c. Just mentioning I have a MP5 that is really small that Im willing to part with for 120 without the upgraded motor. Ill just give you the stock motor.
Thank a picture of your environment and post it up.
Its is good. You will need a scope of course and that would put you at like 170 dollars. I still like the A&K SVD just pointing that out. I tested both out. I love the svd.
Night vision scope or infrared but I can tell you NOT CHEAP. Your best bet. 50 mm illuminated scope. Besides that good lucky I would just use my megapistol of doom and a Marker. My pistol has enough range and enough power to get their and yes I have no other thing to say. I do have a tendency to go on and on.
Homemade Duct and fabric holster. Thats what I would do.
I`m pretty sure those were discontinued.
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