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Hi, I'm new

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I'm new to airsoft and am interested in airsoft sniping and found this form, any information at all would be useful and if anyone knows any good airsoft fields in Alabama that would be helpful as well.

Name: Jonathan.
Experience: new to airsoft.
Guns: KWA M16, WELL MB02
Camo: maybe buying ghillie suit, not sure of making one.
I live in Alabama.
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I'm working on fixing it right now.
Thanks, I'll get a kit from the site you posted fuzzywolly.
What's good netting to use for a ghillie?
What are good knots to use for a ghillie suit?
What would be a good pistol to start off with?
Also what would be good backup sights for my sniper?
Would a well mb03 be good as a starting gun to see if i like airsoft sniping?
Also any good DMR upgrades for a KWA SR12?
Is $50 for a used WELL MB03 with scope, bipod, and self cling acu wrap with woodland camo on it a good deal?
What would be a good backup AEG for when I'm sniping, i was thinking a mk36
Would either of these be good or should I get something smaller?
What would be a good color for a ghillie suit in alabama?
What would be a good first sniper rifle, i have a range of about $100-$160
it has spring loaded mags
How would this do as a first sniper rifle, also what kind of bipod would be good if it doesn't have an adaptor?
What would be a good bipod?
Also, what would be a good electric backup aeg that would be small enough to carry with me but could be used as a good field weapon?
What would be a good scope for night games?
1 - 20 of 46 Posts
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