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Hi, I'm new

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I'm new to airsoft and am interested in airsoft sniping and found this form, any information at all would be useful and if anyone knows any good airsoft fields in Alabama that would be helpful as well.

Name: Jonathan.
Experience: new to airsoft.
Guns: KWA M16, WELL MB02
Camo: maybe buying ghillie suit, not sure of making one.
I live in Alabama.
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Welcome aboard!

I personally feel a custom suit is much better than the one you have linked. The linked suit has wayyy too much jute on there and by buying a store bought one, its harder to fit it to your personal needs.

My two cents. ;)
shippuden678 said:
Thanks, I'll get a kit from the site you posted fuzzywolly.
Sounds great man!
shippuden678 said:
What's good netting to use for a ghillie?
I use fish netting from Michael's craft store. 1 in x 1 in.
1 - 3 of 46 Posts
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