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Hi, I'm new

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I'm new to airsoft and am interested in airsoft sniping and found this form, any information at all would be useful and if anyone knows any good airsoft fields in Alabama that would be helpful as well.

Name: Jonathan.
Experience: new to airsoft.
Guns: KWA M16, WELL MB02
Camo: maybe buying ghillie suit, not sure of making one.
I live in Alabama.
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Homemade Duct and fabric holster. Thats what I would do.
I`m pretty sure those were discontinued.
shippuden678 said:

Would this be good on my KWA, it is in stock.
TBH I would definitely not buy a conversion kit. Not worth it and you can custom upgrade it yourself to make it better than that would make it. I believe all that that is is a RIS like thing, bore up cylinder, longer outer barrel and maybe an inner barrel which you don't really need. The only thing you would need for your KWA is longer inner barrel, maybe a slightly larger spring, 150 SP or so which is around 500 FPS and thats about it. The KWA inner barrel is already a TBB, but if you want to be shooting further with more accuracy a longer one would be necessary. So yeah :)
41 - 46 of 46 Posts
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