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Name: Aaron Z.

Callsign: Vampyre (Old english spelling of Vampire)

Experience: I have been playing Airsoft for over three years and have always played the sniper role.

My Arsenal:
-An upgrade Well MB05 with a zombie apocalypse paint job.
__________+3 24rd mags
-A Umarex HK MP7A1 by KWA U.S version
__________+3 40rd mags
__________+1 20rd mag
-A Cybergun S&W M&P Gnbb by KWC
__________+1 15rd mag

My Gear:
-ACU(UCP) and MarPat BDUs
-Arena Flakjax goggles (tan)
-Fi-Dragon ACU Cross-drw Tac-Vest
-PanTac ACU MP7A1 dropleg holster
-Pair of Snap On Gloves(black-foliage green)
-Condor ACU Multi-Wrap
-Condor ACU knee pads
-Combat Boots

My Hobbies: Airsoft, Music, Guitar, Model Rocketry, Gaming, DnD, Horror, Vampire Mythology.

My Residence: Richmond, MI, USA
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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