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Hello, my name is Patrick. I bought my first airsoft rifle in May, but only have been able to go to one game so far. Right now, I have an AGM M4, but when I scrounge some money together, i'm getting either a JG Bar-10 or TM vsr-10. I don't have a ghillie suit yet, either. I also enjoy listening to music, playing video games, and sleeping.
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Welcome to the boards! At least one of the guys on here will be able to answer 99% of your questions ;)

And if you're on a budget, go with the bar-10. With some work, and an extra $30 of supplies from ace and a crafts store, it'll be performing nicely. The vsr-10 has better build quality, but unless you never plan on opening it, you'll need the extra money. After all, hobbies are expensive and you're just getting started

That's not to say that it'll perform up there with $500+ rifles that have the same tweaks done to them, but you'll be able to compete if your fieldcraft is up to par.
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Nice to have you on the board

Take a look around and ask, after you search. We will be more than happy to help you out.

As zulu said ... it isn't hard to get a bar10 shooting well. But you could do what I did as well and go over board on it
And put $800 into your bar10
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