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Well I am prudoo32(don't know why I called myself that) and my real name is Nic. I own a couple spring rifles, the tsd sd700 being the best, until it broke. Since it broke and I calculated the money to really fix it, I have been thinking about getting a G&G m16a3. The biggest problem is that I live in Canada, which makes buying guns very difficult. It is really bad over here, for example: my vsr-10 CLONE was $270 Canadian dollars. The money I have to pay for parts is ridiculous. This G&G m16 is $393. I am planning on modifying it to be somewhat of a sniper. If all goes well with that gun then I am planning to save up alot of money and Buying the sd700 parts. So i suppose the m16 is a way to occupy me until I get some good money to fix the clone. In airsoft terms my life is really bad right now. I have one working rifle out of four, and it is a cheap m16 spring version. I have a feeling it is going to break on me any day now.
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Everybody experiences the problem that you have, for instance, i have only 1 out of 3 rifles working. you just have to accept that airsoft guns will break because of the high stresses that they are under.
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