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Hi Im new to these boards. I have been playing airsoft for 3 years and have been a DM for about a year. I play in SoCal, mainly at my local fields Poso creek,Havok CQB and Mountain top paintball.
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Hello and welcome. I wouldn't mind hearing your loadout etc.
Yeah watch your spelling. What do you think of the src in comparison to the vfc m4?
foxtrot1 said:
Well the SRC Exceeded my expectations by far. Stock it has an amazing ROF on a 9.6v . fps wise it was meh at a 350.but they are no match the vfc exceeds the src in everything. ps sorry about the I's my shift key is finikey
Well FPS can be upgraded and it is built to last with a 400fps spring actually but they have in a 328 because they sell to players in europe mainly where there is a lot of 1 joule or 328fps limits. There is a perfect airseal with them usually, there was with mine and the rate of fire is good too. The only things I'd change are the nozzle, hop up unit and the barrel. (And bucking of course)

The barrel, stock is a 6.04-6.05 varies on model. The hop up is a little prone to double feeding and for some reason the nozzle o ring can break so I'd just replace the three and you are all set for a great gun.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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