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Hi Im new to these boards. I have been playing airsoft for 3 years and have been a DM for about a year. I play in SoCal, mainly at my local fields Poso creek,Havok CQB and Mountain top paintball.
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hey I usually run my multicam but i also have acu and a ghillie. I have a king arms mps plate carrier with radio pouch admin pouch and dump puch all in od i use an od mesh lower face shield and arena flackjak goggles.along with a multicam contractor hat.On to the guns,I have my mk.16 dmr custom with many mods diy and bought.i have a jg m4 cqb.Src m4a1 in tan and the VFC m4 tactical carbine with the Element zism scope
Well the SRC Exceeded my expectations by far. Stock it has an amazing ROF on a 9.6v . fps wise it was meh at a 350.but they are no match the vfc exceeds the src in everything. ps sorry about the I's my shift key is finikey
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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