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I was a member on the old forums and just recently remembered to check the forums and found out it moved, But for those that may not know me and because I hadn't been very active, I will post a new introduction.

My name is Shad, But i go by Shadsquatch on the field.

Ive been playing airsoft for about 2 years, But have only been a marksman for about a year.

I have a few weapons. We Desert Warrior 4.3, Mauser Sr Pro Tactical (Angel Custom internals), G&G G96, Kwa Mp9

I have 3 sets of camo. I have M82, 3 color desert, and brittish tan DPM

I also have other hobbies that include, drumming, running, and video games.

I live in Mchigan, United States.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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