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I use depending on the time of arrival at the site all three.
I use facepaint the most as it doesn't infer with my eye relief when using optics or scopes. Sometime if the fight is going to be short ranged and up close n personal I'll use a half face mesh mask with goggles.
If the weather is cold or theres an increase in nasty flying bitey buggers like mosquitos then I'll wrap in my OD shemagh.

As a tip guys, babywipes (yes the sort for cleaning your baby's backside with) are fantastic for cleaning cam cream/face paint off. They're cheap, disposable and lightweight to carry in your kit. It even just feels good at the end of the day to have a quick clean round the face and back of the neck with something cold and refreshing when you've baked your arse of in a full ghillie in the heat and filth.
1 - 1 of 98 Posts
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