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I was wondering if you guys ever build a hide out in the field. Something like a piece of net suspended low to the ground covered with veg, with dirt dug up from under it pushed against the sides of the net as some cover, or even something more advanced. I think it might be helpful to have a more built up spot to snipe from, but I dont know if it would be worth it.

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I usually try to get to the field an hour early or so, and scout the area. Its about 80 Acres with 8 main building/cover/objective areas. The rest of the field is thick forest, barren areas, shallow streams, ponds, and a few hills and valleys.

I like to make 2 secluded hides, one always looking over the main fort. These are where a few kills a game come from. I make sure I have easy route out in case I take fire. 100-150 yards down the exfil route I have my second hide which is basically an ambush for pursuing enemies.

I like to take some clippers and modify the environment, drape netting, and just allow me enough coverage to take 3-5 shots. I end up reporting enemy movements most of the time, and helping my team in other ways. I do mark on my teams map the location of my hides as they can take cover if needed
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