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I was wondering if you guys ever build a hide out in the field. Something like a piece of net suspended low to the ground covered with veg, with dirt dug up from under it pushed against the sides of the net as some cover, or even something more advanced. I think it might be helpful to have a more built up spot to snipe from, but I dont know if it would be worth it.

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For long ops, like 2 days or so, I have made hides before at centralized locations where people could not really see me. I was not using a sniper at that point in time so it was pretty unnecessary, but it helped me stay concealed so I could pick people off at random. Best idea I've seen is a cheap leafy net draped over a branch. As long as it blends well and you are in a darker area, near a pine tree or whatnot, no one will notice you on a sunny day.
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