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I was wondering if you guys ever build a hide out in the field. Something like a piece of net suspended low to the ground covered with veg, with dirt dug up from under it pushed against the sides of the net as some cover, or even something more advanced. I think it might be helpful to have a more built up spot to snipe from, but I dont know if it would be worth it.

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Ive built a hide was during a 48 hour game. Used an m4 for the first day, usual assault role, then the first night my spotter and me spoke to the team commander, grabbed a radio and a spare battery for it, donned our ghillies and snuck off to the Opfor base. We set up in a tree line about 70m away from their camp and main base (one was inside the other) using a Camo net we added veg to and held it up a few inches at the front with a few bits of stick.
We stayed there for almost 18 hours, relaying information to the team commander and living out of a pair of small day packs.

Was absolutely great fun and luckily it didnt rain. But when the Opfor made Bacon sandwiches on the sSunday morning, the smell sent us slightly insane.

But a Camo net covered in veg from under where your laying then slightly raised so you can move about underneath worked fine for us wearing our ghillies just incase we had to leave quickly. Although I only fired two shots in the whole 18 hours. What we were really doing was providing recon for our team.
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In Soviet Russia... You dont change to your camoflauge... Camoflauge changes to you
I meant some of the ghillies were a little bit, expecting, in that video. Dont get me wrong they look ok. but some did stuck out more than they should do.

I know its a propaganda video showing the work of Rusdian snipers etc. But some of it seemed to be staged too much.

Just my two pence worth though
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