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This is a fresh build of all new parts.
I’m obtaining significant range with this rifle.

My current furthest target is up hill at 330’ It’s a 11x14” piece of sheet metal and benched I can hit it 8/10 shots with .48, it’s even a little better using .69 ( I feel like it can do better, my yard isn’t long enough)

Using the EdGi SAP and the 110g weight : 1mm airbrake with Rapax 3j RMS, i will chrono at 3.75j with .48 and is getting at least a 2j creep when measured with .20 (hop set for .20)

This gun has never been to a game. I’ve only used it for target practice. I really just like to build and tune.

I would like to start another project, so if this sells I will do that, if not I will continue to have a blast using it for target practice. This rifle is seriously fun and really I don’t see how it could be improved on.

Comes with the full edGi SAP Piston kit which is basically brand new. I’ve only used the 110g weight

If anyone is interested, I would be open to sending videos of it in use via messenger or ig.

please feel free to ask any questions

S2 stock
Bushnell Banner Scope
edGi enlarged Bolt handle and end cap (gold)
edGi Cylinder with high flow nozzle (gold)
Bulltrigg 90 deg trigger
Bulltrigg one piece receiver and barrel
Bulltrigg barrel spacers
Rapax Hulk spring with 3 coils cut
(Rapax RMS 3+j spring in the mail)
Maple leaf scope mount with level
edGi SAP piston kit 110g with 1mm airbrake
AA hop up unit
Tridos TDC
Masada one piece nub and hop arm
2021 MRhop 70 degree
edGi 430mm dual bore (port and polished)
(6.01/215mm - 6.05/215mm)
edGi Windtalker 9” suppressor (gate type)

I’m shooting .48 bls & .69 ceramic bbs