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Highly Upgraded UTG MK96

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This started out as the ASGI mk96 but the stock trigger mech malfucntioned and so it sat for three months un-used. After doing a lot of research and reading tons of threads and guides, I wanted to give some serious Sniping a shot. So I went all out on this thing. Btw, do not mind the shoddy paint job and Pedo-Bear decal It was my first attempt at a camo paint job and the decal was just to make it unique. Only used Krylon Camo Paint and stencils. Now onto the upgrades:

-Prometheus 455mm 6.03mm TB
-King Arms Hard Bucking
-NC Star Bi-pod
-PDI Hop Chamber (many, many mods and lots of time went into making this hop chamber work consistently)
-Laylax Zero Trigger
-Laylax Teflon Cylinder
-Laylax Damper Cylinder Head
-Laylax 3 Neo Piston
-Laylax 9mm/7mm Spring Guide
-Laylax Pistion Head/"Accuracy Cup"
-Laylax sp150 spring and an Angel Custom sp170 spring
-Various Mods include: Foam-Filled stock/any hollow spot, Teflon-taped cylinder head and bucking, Re-hauled PDI hop chamber, neoprene pads on inside of cylinder head.

The rifle is in excellent shape and excellent working order. The reason I'm selling is because the PDI hop chamber is notorious for being finicky and unreliable at times. Even after my best attempts at making the chamber as consistent as it could be, it just wasnt good enough. As of now, the gun shoots fantastically, however, every shot curves right to a varying degree. I could just never get the rifle to do what I wanted it to do. Now this isn't to say it can't be an amazing rifle; it's got loads of potential. I just don't have the patience for such a frustrating platform. All this gun needs is time and tender-loving care in the right hands it will be quite a contender on the field. Less than 2000 rounds have been fired through the rifle. Its fps is around 403 +- 3 fps with a 0.40g bb with the Laylax sp150 spring

I'm asking $450 or OBO
The package will ship with the rifle, a laylax sp150 spring, original cylinder head, two magazines, and laylax 7mm spring guide

Any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to PM me.
*Paypal only
*Shipping price not included in displayed price
*Will ship with the service of your choice
*Shipping only in U.S.
*Will ship as soon as the Paypal transaction clears
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