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HK M417 GBBR dmr base setup.

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Hey guys, this is to document my slow, i repeat slow 417 gbbr dmr build. I am starting with a stock hk 417 gbbr, harris style bipod, angled foregrip and hand stop, 2.5-10x scope with laser, madbull oss backpressure regulator.
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Here she is so far


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I am thinking of going to a mapleleaf vsr10 bucking with a 6.03 innerbarrel run through the suppressor. That's all i have for the moment so any suggestions from those with more experiance is more than welcome.:tup:
If you want to keep it a gbbr I suggest a 6.05-6.10 bore barrel. I have seen that widebores are better for range than tightbores in gas/HPA systems.
I had read that i thought 6.03 would be enough I'll look at the 6.05 then thanks
Ive hit a hurdle and need some assistance, im looking at barrels and am considering we angry gun inner barrel 19inch with a maple leaf vsr 70 degree bucking. Does that sound right
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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