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Hola from sunny Stoke on Trent!

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Hi guys, my name is Jim. I go by 'Sanguinor' on the boards and when on the field, and I'm from Sunny Stoke on Trent in Staffordshire in the UK :)

I've been playing airsoft for about 2 and a half years now, for that I marshaled and ran games for Op-Tac UK at several of there sites at least once a fortnight for 12 months.

I'm currently packing a relatively unmodified CA G3 SG1, it's got a Madbull V2 6.03 tightbore in it, and a G&G M14 SOC16 that has just gone through pretty much everything in the Holy Grail DMR list (Thank you Vindi!).

I have had very little interest in actual airsoft sniping as I prefer to hunt with an AEG but as I spent that much time on sneaking about, stalking people and laying ambushes I figured (after seeing a ghillie crawl suit) that I would eventually build myself a ghillie as I know it'd suit my style of play perfectly.

I'm currently preparing my jute for when my concealment vest turns up! Lot's and lot's of cutting... :(

When I'm not on the airsoft field, I'm a IT technician at a local high school. Fixing PC's and duct-taping the network back together whilst reading far to much stuff about airsoft on the interwebs!

I'm hoping I get to learn plenty here, the guides have already been a great boon to me and I hope I can eventually contribute to this already fantastic community!
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Well come aboard. Hope you like the forum.
Welcome to the forums.
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