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With all these problems with holsters people are having, and all the debates on drop leg vs chest mounted, or kydex vs cloth, its about time we mix up the pot. :tup:

Alot of people have issues accessing their sidearm with a holster no matter what type of holster they have. There always seems to be that one awkward position where you can't draw your pistol because your holster is in the way.

So why don't we try a simpler approach?

In the Cosplay world, more specifically the sci-fi side i've noticed have gone toward using magnets to get more accurate to the game or movie they are trying to act as, For example in the game Halo the Spartans actually use electromagnets in their weapons to holster them to the armor with no need for any type of external gear. But that's sci-fi, right? no way in hell it would be practical enough to work in bbwarz. I also realized I was overthinking it.

I stumbled upon a YouTube video i'll link at the bottom showing off a magnetic holster for your car, and it got my creative juices flowing. If it can hold a fully loaded REAL STEEL pistol to the vibrating dashboard of an f-150,
it can surely hold a toy gun to some doods body.

Even if your sidearm is polymer all the way through there is normally either a metal weight in it or space where you can stick another magnet or something metal for the magnet to catch onto. Add that with a nice strong Neodymium magnet (or 3) from a hard drive or something similar, you got yourself a
crude but effective holster. If you wanna get super fancy you could probably fabricate some kind of barrel cover or trigger guard.

I'm definitely going to try this next time I go to the field. just strap a few magnets to my gear and throw my pistol at em.


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Please tell me you're gonna run a lanyard as well...

Magnets are simply not enough retention, you can still slide it out of position, and the airsoft field is much worse than the truck dashboard when it comes to that.

You own body, moving in all sorts of ways, through tight places, with more people, and on full gear is a perfect recipe for something to bump it out of place.
Might be some dude, might be the ground when crawling, might be your primary's sling.

Magnetic retention is simply not enough retention.
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