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Homemade Lens Protector

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Hey fellow snipers,

I just wanted to demonstrate how you can make inexpensive scope protectors for scopes/red dots. This mod costs less than $10 and is completely reversible if you are not satisfied with the results. The material required includes:

-Clear Lexan (Comes in varying sizes: 1/16,1/8, etc)
-Black Hockey Tape
-Original Scope Cover (Optional)

Step 1:

Place the objective lens flat on top of the lexan. Then take your pen and trace the outer circumference of your scope.

Step 2:

Cut along the lines you traced with a pair of scissors. Then place the circle on the objective lens. If the lens does not fit, trim the circle with your scissors.

Step 3:

Peel only half of the roll of hockey tape.

Step 4:

Peel off the blue cover on the lexan lens and place on the objective lens. Then attach a strip of hockey tape to the scope and to the lexan. Make sure a thin strip of tape sits on top of the lexan.

Hopefully this tutorial will help save some $$$ and protect your expensive scope.

Geli out!
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I just tested my lens protector (1/16 inch lexan) with my BA that shoots around 425 fps with 0.2 BB's. I took two shots points blank, and all they did was leave a tiny dimple from the impact. I looked the scope after and the image was still crystal clear and the dimples were not noticeable. The lens should hold up past 500 FPS, but if your worried use 1/8 inch lexan.

Here is the lens after the test

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If you make the protector 2-3mm smaller in diameter it would it in the end of the scope cap. So unscrew the end of the scope off and fit the plastic protector in there. No need for taping it on. This is what I do.
Great suggestion

I did that with one of my old scopes but I prefer to just have it on the objective lens. I am going to ghillie wrap my gun, so it will not be as noticeable anyway.
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