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Hop up at the other end?

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What if someone stuck a device on the barrel to correct any flight issues with the BB right at the end of the barrel just before it exits to open air?

I think it may interfere too much, but I am going to make something. I have 2 ideas.
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Choking the barrel may not work with airsoft. I know many target rifles, both air rifles and powder burning rifles, have barrels that use choked barrels. And yes they work great! BUT they will actually squeeze the round into the rifling more than at the breach of the barrel.

So I can't really see it working for an airsoft barrel. Though you wouldn't have to sqeeze the bb all that much, just as long as you can get it to exit the barrel the EXACT same place everytime then you would be golden like a shower.

It may be something to look into, but I am going to remain kind of "iffy" about the inner barrels. But hey, prove me wrong and I will eat my words
And I will offer to test them as well, that is if anyone can make some.

Making them........ Beck, to make a few have you a mandrel on your lathe? I know a knurler is similar, atleast if I am thinking correct. You would be able to match the outter barrel, and while spinning the inner barrel, as fast as you can, slowly close the mandrel. Thus squeezing the inner barrel to the diameter that you need, and making it longer by nature. I would say go for like a 6.00 barrel at the end and see what happens.
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Still say we need a true rifled barrel, with better ammo.

We need a rifle that will shoot sub MOA in any condition. ;)

Under 26 USCA
No problem man. That is just one thing that irks me. And I wasn't directing all of that for you, but I am sure many of the people don't know all of the ins and outs of real rifles and what not.
Yeah I hear ya man. No harm no foul.

As for the choking the inner barrel..... I am really wanting to see something like that now. The only thing is what it will do to the hop up factor? Will it mess up the spin on the bb or will it make it better?
If you can make it an AEG barrel I can test it in the PWD if you would like.
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