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Hop-up Options for UTG L96

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Other than PDI are there any other hop-up options for the L96? I'm just curious if I can find a good hop-up for it that doesn't actually have 2 control arms. My plan is to get one with just one arm then put in a concave spacer to make adjustments easier while still keeping the improved accuracy. If this is fool hardy and the PDI is the only way to go let me know, but I just don't like the idea of it being so difficult to have to adjust your hop-up each time with the PDI.
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Maybe the stock with r-hop? And what's the 337 in your name supposed to mean? is that an MOS
The only other that I know of are the HP units and the unit on, but all of those have been out of stock for a while now. I'd either try to work with the stock unit a little, or just go for the PDI unit. I've seen people attach the two arms together and modify just one adjustment screw.
@Reconman: The numbers are just there because I couldn't do just recon. Also could you explain what r-hop is exactly?
Google it. It is a little patch that covers the hop window in the barrel.
Interesting. Is it able to be adjustable just like all the previous versions? Or is the amount of hop-up set in stone after it's installed?
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