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Hoping you guys could help with a loadout

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Alright, I'm currently saving up for a Kokusai Crimebuster, for those of you who don't know what that is, it's a classic airsoft NBB, incredibly efficient and consistent setup. When Booster tunes them they are accurate out past 350' at 550 FPS (.2 chrono, .4 in operation) and reports have been made of out past 450'.
In the following loadout I have organized everything that I think I will need and have found the items I think best fit my needs. I know that this loadout is basically overkill, but I think the name speaks to my view on that. If you guys could just go over the practicality of this and shoot me down if I am wrong I would be much abliged.

On to the good stuff:

It is an HPA gun, so I'll be using a Crossfire tank:

Reg system will be bought from Austinwolv on the classicairsoft forums, very reliable two reg system, might ask for a valved main reg to depressurize the system after use.

Grimlocs to hold lines to web gear:

Two 90 degree panels to rotate tank pouch across lower back rather that directly up the back (lower profile):

Frag pouch to hold Secondary regulator:,225,49.htm

Pouches to carry 3-4 mags:

PALS weapons catch (DBT if possible)

Pouches for two MP9 mags:

Throat Mic:
(already have motorola Talkabouts for radio, need radio pouch)

The vest this will all be on:

This will all go over a ghillie (homemade over this summer) with jute/burlap tied into the molle and hairbands/rubber bands to tie in natural veg. This is where I am a little concerned. How do you guys think it will work running a vest over a ghillie, should I just ghillie up the arms and a little on the sides, leaving the middle open for the vest, or should I make a full crawl suit and just put the vest on over the jute?

The other thing is, if I'm going to sling the rifle at all, I will have to use a single point, as the forward sling mount isn't very strong. How will this work with transitioning to my planned secondary (KWA MP9R)? Should I plan on only using the MP9 when pinned down and unable to get out, in which case I wouldn't need a sling for the Crimebuster and the plan for engagement would be to drop the rifle, pull the MP9 off the weapons catch, and fire. If I got a single point sling, I could fire the MP9 while extracting, although that might not even work. What do you guys think?

Thanks for your help.
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mroverkill said:
Cheese man:

My friend, Sniperwoosh, is. He actually out guns me with his Booster Crimebuster. Its a gas operated semi-auto that has some mad range and much more accuracy than I could dream of. He has confirmed one-shot kills at 450'. He had a serious elevation advantage but you should have seen the havoc we caused at Noob day. 2011, will be even better.
[quote:mm79j93h]At Noob Day 2010, I was getting 350+ shots from an elevated position with bursts. Of course I was spotting for Sniperwoosh, with my Asahi M60. Woosh was one-shoting people at the same distance with his custom Kokusai Crimebuster. It was pretty impressive but having a height advantage is really fortunate.
Those were both made by Mateba, the first one in his thread "My spotter's rifle" and the second one in the "Your longest shot" thread.

Notice how the shooter had an elevation advantage. That is, he was up way higher and when shooting down, it really helps the bb go further than it would on a flat plain. The increased range was because of gravity, and this time, it was used to the shooter's advantage, rather than disadvantage. For instance, try taking a shot going uphill, rather than down hill. Huge difference.. ;)

The other problem with a belt is that I'm going to need hydration, and lots of it.
You can run a belt with a hydration carrier. That is what I did with my set up.
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