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Horrible 'Rattling' Noise When Shooting (+ Couple Questions).

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I've just upgraded my L96 with the following:
PDI Hop Chamber
PDI 6.05x495mm Barrel
Laylax Zero Trigger
Laylax 3 Element Piston
Laylax Spring Guide
Laylax Piston Head (accuracy cup thingy)
Laylax Teflon Cylinder
Laylax Cylinder Head
Laylax 170sp Spring

It's shooting quite hot now though - 590 on .2s, so I need to lose 90 FPS.
590 on .2s = 417 on .4s, both make a horrible rattle noise as I shoot. What could it be? Or is it simply the high velocity?
It used to do it with .2s when I was shooting 500 FPS, but not with .4s (travelling at 360 FPS).

Another problem I'm having is the cylinder scraping on the inside of the outer barrel as I push the bolt forwards. I've lubricated it, but it's not made a difference. The outer barrel is a PDI Fluted one if that helps.

I also, had problem with a Prommy hard rubber. The lip (where BBs enter, that stops it going all the way over the barrel) is really tough and BBs get jammed on it, making it extremely hard to push the bolt forwards, and when I do, the BBs are completely ruined, and now the hop rubber's in pretty bad shape. Any idea on this? It was definitely on right.

And finally, apart from getting a new spring, what's the best way to lower FPS? If cutting the spring, I know one coil at a time, but do I have to sand it down or smooth it off? And which way round does it go, cut end in the piston, or cut end on the spring guide?

Sorry for rambling a bit, but I kinda need this rifle shooting perfectly for two weeks time as I have a weekender and want some nice hits :).

Thanks a lot,
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The ring's definitely there, unless it's managed to fall out since I put the barrel in. Magic? :p. Could it be that I had to cut the thread end of the inner barrel slightly for it to actually fit in the receiver?

I'll do the spring when I get some spare time to sit and shoot all day :). Does it make a difference which end I cut? The end in the piston or the end at the spring guide? I was thinking spring guide as it's cheaper to replace if it gets damaged.

That's good, I thought it was something to do with the barrel. Then adding more spacers made no difference and it worried me. Will cutting the spring down to 500 FPS stop/reduce the rattling? And if it doesn't, how can I quieten it? It's rather loud.

It's scratched along the bottom only, from the cylinder head until the gap where the sears catch the piston.
I've noticed the plastic ring is very slightly wider diameter than the bolt housing, meaning there's an extremely small lip between the two.
It only scrapes when the barrel's in though, not when I remove the outer barrel.
I can't see any scratches inside the barrel or the bolt housing though.

Do you know how you remove the plastic ring? I'd like to have a look at it for the sake of it :p

Okay, it was stuck, pushed it out from the other end using an Allen key.
Yeah I've taken the cylinder out, wanted to test it without the barrel in to try find where it's scraping.
And nope, the barrel is smooth on the inside, only thing I can think is that I had to shorten it by a couple mm or so. It was too long to screw into the receiver, and as the thread wasn't the whole way along, I cut it after the thread stopped. Then filed the rough edges, inside and out, to remove any bits sticking out, but it's all smooth now.
I thought it could be that, or the screw that holds the receiver onto the stock, but it's not. There aren't any holes in the outer barrel for it to poke through.
I did check for burrs before I put the cylinder in, tried what you suggested and weren't any cotton fibres stuck.
I'll make the barrel smoother with a file anyway though, think that may be causing it.

It's not like a really thin scratch on the cylinder though, it's a 3mm wide part that's wearing down.

EDIT: There's a small gap between the plastic ring and the barrel, can you think of anything I can fit in this gap to fill it, as I think that may be causing the problem.
Screws that are holding the trigger mech on aren't too long checked that. I've checked all screws.

Would it be okay to use the gun with the scraping?
I know it'll wear the Teflon down on the cylinder, but I can't seem to stop it..
Mine's definitely scratching on the barrel. Can't see how it could scratch on the sears as there's a huge gap in the bottom of the cylinder where they are and there's no other places they can possibly go (apart from when you're removing the cylinder).

Mine only scrapes when the barrels on, so it's definitely that. Gonna try fill the gap between the barrel and the plastic ring that should stop it scraping..
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