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mattm99958 said:
Of course it for the zombie invasion what else would it be fore. Just kidding but A bowie knife is very handy. I personally have a few swords and a crappy pocket knife
Yeah I have cut many a rope (boat etc.) and small tree with it. Meanwhile the pocket flip knife thing has no purpose cause they are weak (the mechanism naturally makes it weaker so not chopping or anything)

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mmmm... These are my babies, well some of them...

I have a few folders and a few fixed blades that aren't in this picture, but this is the only one I have on my photobucket right now...

In this picture though... (L-R)
Hibben Karambit

SpyderCo Firebyrd

Benchmade 180smh (I made that sheath, the one that came with it was too pretty)

CRKT ABC - in black

CRKT STIFF KISS - I actually have 2, this one I took the rope off to throw it easier

CRKT First Strike

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