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I recently bought a Tanaka M700 AICS with a PCS bolt. I was wondering how do change the FPS? I understand there is a wheel and a allen screw that need to be moved but I do not understand which way to turn them for greater or lower FPS.
Thanks in advance

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hoggie said:
Well, theres many ways. You can upgrade the gun via Springs etc. Fixing the internals up and putting much sturdier parts then the stock ones is a good way to start. Tightbore (Inner Barrel), Spring set (Spring Guide, Piston, Cylinder Head, Spring), Hopup could make a slight difference on range. It's not like a paintball gun were you can change the FPS when you want, if you understand with I mean (No Flame intended).
The wheel i'd assume would be the hop up, which changes the spin on the BB, and that can increase your FPS, but it's not as great as installing new parts. I hope this answers it all! PM me if you have any questions

Hoogie I realize that its not a paintball gun. But this is a PRE-BAN Tanaka M700 AICS with PCS bolt. Meaning that i can change the FPS. It is also very heavily upgraded:
G&G striker spring
*G&G bolt rubber
*King Arms VSR conversion chamber
*King Arms extended nozzle
*Creation Metal Part 91 (very hard to find, if you can even find it)
*650mm Madbull Black Python II PSG-1 barrel (still new barely used only fired 25 rounds to test)
*Firefly Hard VSR-10 bucking
Do they even make tanaka spring guns?????
My question was "which way do i turn/adjust the wheel or allen key to adjust the fps?"

Thnx Cheese man for the awnser. :)
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