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How do you play?

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I was playing CQB the other night only 4 of us and I had some time to think whilst playing and I had a sudden realisation as to how I play the game in general. I don't know how this hadn't crossed my mind before but I was amazed at how I would continuously use this tactic over and over again.

For example I would run maybe 3/4 up the field and then sit in a corner and wait for an opponent to walk into my cross-hairs instead of me trying to engage them on-the-fly. Despite using the tactic over and over again in different situations it is actually extremely unpredictable and hard for the other opponent to adapt to.

Now thinking back out onto the field I realise I do this as well. Run up and hide and wait for the opponent to come to me.

Passive-Aggressive much?

Anyways I was curious as to a general play-style that you guys use when running around having fun!
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My favorite thing to do is take my shotgun and put the VSR on my back, and as soon as the game starts go balls out straight into the enemy base. If I manage to stay alive, I set up a nice little hide behind the enemy team and start picking them off. Usually I am detected after there is a gang of ref's standing around me laughing with me at some of these kid's reactions to being shot from behind (Am I a bad person?). Anyway, it's all about having fun, right?
Peyote, I've been killed so many times from friendly fire that it no longer bothers me. Most of the time it is satisfying enough to see the surprise on your teammates face when you turn around and start walking back to your spawn. They're like 0_0
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