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how important is a ghillie suit?

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being new to the sniping community, i wanted to get some feedback on the importance of wearing a ghillie suit. I live in Texas where the sun bakes you when wearing anything larger than a shirt, will adding another layer of clothing help me? Or will i just die of heat stroke for no reason?
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Ghillie suits work! That is the long and the short of it....if used properly. Ive stepped on APST’s sniper before laying prone and was safety killed. You cant stay invisible out in the open walking around! Now a full blown jute top and bottom ghile suit is hot. But Ive seen mesh leaf suits that look decent and breath. Or even just a viper hood. Which is just head and shoulders, arms. Do you have some cover? Sage brush? Oak? Tall grass? If your playing on flat hard pan with no veg? It probably isnt worth it..... Ghillie suits help you blend into natural vegetation. Your only option then is to dig a spider hole, cover it with red dirt and crawl in. A sniper hide.
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