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How long does an air rig keep pressure from a co2 canister?

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If I load a co2 canister (12g) into an air rig, how much "life time" can I expect from it, normally? I heard a minimum of pressure loss is normal between QD and regulators, because that is how they keep the pressure to consistent levels..

Anyway, if I load a co2 canister and leave the rig be as is, connected to my magazine..and go long should it stay at the desired PSI?

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Nice, thanks guys for your reply. I am going to check the tapped magazine for leaks as I suspect some parts might have dialed in and found their sitting place in the holes, thus requiring some teflon tape.

Is the submerging method the standard for finding leaks? That's what I do..
Well, I have an ON/OFF valve switch that I could install, formally meant for HPA, but my request was for a CO2 canister WITH NO on/off valve switches.

CM's method is kinda scientific, I like it, but the mob way of submerging people underwater to make them talk is more appealing to an italian like me :)

I could install the ON/OFF valve if I want to make things more durable, either..but I'd like to see how far a rig can go with just its own air seal ;)
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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