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How many barrel spacers should I use for a Type 96 gun?

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I am using a PDI 6.04 mm TBB with an outer diameter of 10mm, and I am wondering how many spacers I need to make it vibration free when being shot.
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As many as you can put in there pretty much. You want to get as much surface area of your barrel possible to be "spaced." I suggest the one piece wax spacer. Check out the guide for the LRB wax spacer and follow the instructions minus the wedge to bend the barrel. i also suggest when doing this that instead of using hot glue to plug the barrel, you instead use something like a cleaning rod wrapped in electric, or better yet teflon tape to act as a barrel plug/wedge. Saves you the trouble of getting the hot glue out.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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