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How many BBs do you shoot in a game?

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I was wondering how many bbs you guys shoot in a match and how aggressive with shooting you are.
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I play with 3 PMAGs which hold 40 rounds each, for my G&P WOC SR-15 10.5" GBB, plus 1 magazine (25 rounds) for my KSC P226R.

I don't care if with electric spray and pray ninjas I get outgunned, the reason I play is to improve my actual fielding, maneuvering, trigger control and reaction to contact. I am definitely planning to add more mags soon, but I need money first ;)
I shot 6 bbs with my m700 and around 15 with my pistol in a whole day!!! but i got 2 kills with my sniper and 2 with my pistol!
Like a sir.

But reading through your posts..darn, I am thinking that I need MOAR MAGS :)
but that involved a half hour or so of pinning an enemy force like last month's center-fold. China: "AAAH MAKE MORE BBS, HURRY" :)
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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