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How many BBs do you shoot in a game?

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I was wondering how many bbs you guys shoot in a match and how aggressive with shooting you are.
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but that involved a half hour or so of pinning an enemy force like last month's center-fold. China: "AAAH MAKE MORE BBS, HURRY" :)
Depends on the game type.

While I was at Breedland, a two day game and while using the Kokusai, I went through 9 mid caps ( 120 rounders ), and I think I went through two mags in my KWA CZ75 as well.

But during many local games, I will maybe only shoot 4-6 depending on how many guys we have show up. China: "AAAH MAKE MORE BBS, HURRY" :)
Really? Not even a chop chop with it? I feel a touch slighted.
Thanks everybody.... Now for those of you that use and AEG from time to time (not DMR or sniper like rifleman) how many batteries do you go through?
My brother just replaced the battery on my old cm.028, after one season of light use. The connector cables came apart. Then he put them back together and electric taped it for a spare...

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My firend who uses an AEG normally only uses one battery for a game lasting a few hours. He doesn't shoot too often.
Anywhere from 70-500 in 6 hours
Sunday, at a national event, I used 1 and a half hi-caps of AUG, meaning ~500 BBs.
In a normal game, no more than 300.
As DMR i shot like 400bb/game (5hrs)
Holy thread necro..
Last tike with my dmr, on a fulk game day i used 8 realcaps dmr. (20bbs each) we were short.of support gunners so i filled that task some times mad about 8 hits with the dmr.
That samday i used 8 pistolmags kwa g17 20/24 bbs and made 10 kills :D(even a confired pistel kill at about 45 meters ) havent realy playd the sniperrole lateley
21 - 31 of 31 Posts
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