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how many bb's do you use sniping a year?

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Just wondering how many you guys go through sniping in one year?
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I probably kill about 30,000 a year from practice shooting, adjusting hop ups, actual ops, and shooting for fun. I might shoot a bit more, but definately nothing that high.
Well I mean, factor all this in:
- Team RAGE is THE most active team in Michigan. We have only missed two operations all year'

- On top of that we have a lot of smaller rec games and fun games that we attend

- I have to sight in my rifle when I get it, not to mention I used to be a semi-auto sniper for the duration of this year.

Putting all that into perspective 30k doesn't really seem to be that much. But I mean, here is our list of ops this year:

Events hosted by us:
"Operation: Whisper in the Wind" on May 5-6, 2007
"Operation: Silent Dawn" on July 21, 2007.
"Operation: Eclipse" on November 10, 2007.

Events hosted by MOA that we have helped out in:
"Operation: Battle of the Bulge"
"Operation: Aurora"
"Operation: Rolling Thunder"
all MOA Rec Games

Events we have also attended:
"Operation: Starlite"
"Operation: Rolling Thunder"
"Operation: Wild Thunder"
"Operation: Second Front"
"Operation: Verano"
"Operation: Blood Dynasty"
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I think he means an actual city, not so much a place you can play airsoft in.
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