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How many Kills?

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Just wondering how many you usually get.
also if you make a post, include how big the ops usually are.
8 kills during a 50 on 50 match is not as huge as 4 kills on a 15 on 15 match. ;)

I get about 3 kills sometimes 4 but not too often.


At ops where it's about 50+ I'll get around 20-30 kills a game, if I'm really on fire I'll get 30-40. Those days are rare, but majority and for safety sake I'll say I get about 25 kills a game, and I maybe get shot out once.

Now for fun little rec games, usually I kill 75% of the people on the enemy team.
HOLY CRAP dude, thats incredible 50% of the kills total, nice job. (didn't wanna make a new post)
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I would say 9-10 on average but I'm still kinda new at sniping.
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