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How many Kills?

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Just wondering how many you usually get.
also if you make a post, include how big the ops usually are.
8 kills during a 50 on 50 match is not as huge as 4 kills on a 15 on 15 match. ;)

I get about 3 kills sometimes 4 but not too often.


At ops where it's about 50+ I'll get around 20-30 kills a game, if I'm really on fire I'll get 30-40. Those days are rare, but majority and for safety sake I'll say I get about 25 kills a game, and I maybe get shot out once.

Now for fun little rec games, usually I kill 75% of the people on the enemy team.
HOLY CRAP dude, thats incredible 50% of the kills total, nice job. (didn't wanna make a new post)
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I rarely document kills in a game. the only ones I really count typically are the high profile targets like team and squad leaders. other targets I look out for are FOBs. targets of oppretunity I dont really care about counting but if I did, it would probably average out to around 25-30 in an 8 hour day.

but there have been some ops where I only get like 2-3 kills with my primary and then I'll go into another OP all pissed that I got a low kill count so I'll switch to my SAW ;-D

I was at an OP called Blood Dynasty where I was one of the Navy Seals (only 12 of us on that sub team) vs the government. we were like sided with the rebels or something like that and it was me and 5-6 other guys that had to start the game in a building and hold off 50-60 enemies while we waited for reinforcements to arive (five minuits I believe). but anyway, I got my high kill count during that part of the game. I got around 20 kills in the first 10 minutes of the game with my SAW (and spewing about 7000 rounds and two batteries...). later that day i ended up switching to my PSG-1 and got a few more kills bringing up my total day's kill count to around 50-60!
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