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How much do tight bores really work...

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I am skeptical to tightbore barrels.... I wonder how much of a difference they really make.... Has anybody tested stock vs tightbore barrel?
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What you tend to get with a tightbore is a smoother, more well shaped barrel. That is what makes the biggest difference.
Dont trust the size they claim it is(6.06, 6.03, you get my point) Its probably not true anyway.
Its a bit like the myth that a longer barrel will increase accuracy, if you get an increase in accuracy, chances are the barrel is simply better.

TL;DR, Its not the size it´s the shape. A perfect big bore will give you better accuracy than an imperfect tight bore. I can vouch for Prometheus, best barrel I ever bought.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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