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How much do tight bores really work...

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I am skeptical to tightbore barrels.... I wonder how much of a difference they really make.... Has anybody tested stock vs tightbore barrel?
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Great tests there SilentScope.
I was expecting the 6.08 to perform much better at longer ranges than the 6.03. I guess it's only better at the 300ft mark.

To OP, I think a tightbore barrel is the first upgrade an airsoft sniper should get.
Thank you so much SilentScope, I was going to order a 6.08mm PDI barrel when pay-day comes around but I guess I will go with a 6.03 if it performs better at around 300ft than the 6.08!
How about we make a thread where everyone posts their groupings at different ranges, telling us ALL the variables. We would work out what barrel really is best at each different range and we could compare the brand and diameter of the ammunition with the brand and diameter of the inner barrels.
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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