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How much do tight bores really work...

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I am skeptical to tightbore barrels.... I wonder how much of a difference they really make.... Has anybody tested stock vs tightbore barrel?
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6.01= Edgi
6.03= Prometheus
6.05= Stock UTG Type 96
6.08= PDI

0.43bbs were used.

450FPS w/ 0.20g bbs

No wind.

Each barrel and distance test combination was done FIVE times to get an average.

All barrels were cleaned beforehand in the same manner, and before averages were taken the hop up and barrel were tweaked for maximum performance.

50ft shooting a 1.5in x 1.5in target

6.01 19/20
6.03 18/20
6.05 16/20
6.08 15/20

100ft shooting a 20in x 16in target
6.01 10/10
6.03 10/10
6.05 10/10
6.08 10/10

150ft shooting a 20in x 16in target
6.01 8/10
6.03 10/10
6.05 7/10
6.08 8/10

200ft shooting a 20in x 16in target
6.01 7/10 <-Avg. 6.8
6.03 9/10 <-Avg. 8.8
6.05 6/10 <-Avg. 6.0
6.08 7/10 <-Avg. 7.4
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It's my pleasure. I thought people preferred Prometheus 6.03 TBBs because of some peer pressure type of effect...

But test after test it outperformed better than the rest except at closer ranges where the 6.01 Edgi was more accurate.
Please take note that I put a lot of work into my rifle with DIYs.

These results are attained with a rifle that is fully upgraded and carefully modded with room still left for improvement.

This means that these results would be far from the results of a stock gun+ only a TBB.

IMHO, I personally believe your rifle will perform better with a Prometheus 6.03 TBB, but achieving the same results as mentioned above is a different story, but it is possible.

Finally, recall that I used 450FPS w/0.20g BB's. I have done other tests with higher and lower FPS, and the results are actually a different pattern than above (i.e. 550FPS= I could only get 70-80% with the Prometheus at 200ft.) However, the Prometheus TBB was overall the better performer which is why I still use it in my main setup.
I would have liked to sticky this however there are too many variables that can change (i.e. FPS, bb size, installation, target size, hop up adjustment, etc.) In my opinion the hop up adjustment is what helped/deteriorated performance the most. Since these are relatively long distances, even the slightest maladjustment of the hop up will have a significant negative affect.

I am simply reporting my findings :tup:

From my other tests at 250ft and 300ft, the 6.08mm and 6.03mm were head-to-head (although much lower hit % than previous distances, but still better than the rest.) In certain trials the 6.03 performed better and in the other trials the 6.08 performed better. The 6.05mm stock performed atrociously and the 6.01mm wasn't too far behind in comparison to the 6.05mm.

This basically confirms (at least from these tests):

  1. Barrel quality matters the most
  2. A 6.01mm barrel is fine, but at further distances the performance plummets.
  3. High quality 6.08mm barrels begin to show their worth at further distances
  4. Stock barrels are usually okay, but if you plan on shooting further than 100ft, I would recommend buying a high quality barrel
  5. There is a slight factor of "luck" when shooting very far. At 250 feet for example, I once managed to get 8/10 with the 6.05mm stock.
p.s. Please keep in mind my target size. The results may be VERY different if I had changed the dimensions. Unfortunately I don't have raw data for adult human-sized targets.
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You're welcome. The 6.08mm did perform nearly equivalent (and sometimes better) at 250-300ft compared to the 6.03mm, but in my honest opinion the 6.03mm performed better overall.

I wish someone could perform an experiment with similar variables so we can compare results :yup:
Great idea :) I've done that with a M28 and results are nearly identical :yup: The only difference is that the hit percentages for each barrel is lower since the only upgraded parts were the TBB, hop up unit, and bucking. Without an upgraded hop up or bucking, the hop up is just erratic at times so I deemed them necessary for the experiments.

My only personal issue is how I adjust the hop up and what I consider an "ideal" adjustment. Maybe someone who replicates my experiment (or a similar one) will get different results because of how they adjust the hop up. I aim for the straightest trajectory as possible, but for very far distances the straight path is nearly impossible.
That would be a dream come true :yup:

The big problem is everyone has to use at least two different barrels :D

But yes, it should be done!
I read from a German inner barrel study a long while ago that 6.03mm Madbull V2 "TBBs" were actually closer to 6.016mm!

Prometheus 6.03mm barrels are closer to 6.036mm.

This is the pdf if you're curious. Warning-- it's all in German! :yup:.
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