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How much do tight bores really work...

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I am skeptical to tightbore barrels.... I wonder how much of a difference they really make.... Has anybody tested stock vs tightbore barrel?
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By any chance can we have a comparison between a Madbull and Prometheus 6.03mm?

I would love to know if the wall thickness and quality between the two brands will make a significant difference or not.
The Prommy is thicker than Madbul and it's made of steel, the Madbul is made of aluminum I think.
The Promytheus barrels are among the best if not the best.
I personally don't like Madbuls.

I really like madbull V2s (6.03 diameter), they ER-hop really easily and LRB nicely too.
I read from a German inner barrel study a long while ago that 6.03mm Madbull V2 "TBBs" were actually closer to 6.016mm!

Prometheus 6.03mm barrels are closer to 6.036mm.

This is the pdf if you're curious. Warning-- it's all in German! :yup:.
Definitely +1 for R-hopping easily a Madbull barrel.

But +1 for Prommy for being actually closer to 6.03mm

It really just comes down to money I guess eh~!
I have tried both the Prommy 6.03 and my EDGI 6.01 and my EDGI gets better groupings. I don't have any numbers for you because it was a while ago and the Prommy barrel wasn't mine. I think it was about a 275-200 foot range with the m170 spring. This is before I got the r-hop so I was using the nineball bucking with the TDC.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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