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How much skill?

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I'm just wondering how much skill plays apart in sniping? How much is the rifle and how much of it is the shooter?
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Definately the shooter matters more but you also will be no good if your rifle doesnt shoot striaight. The main thing about being a sniper is discipline. This is what seperates the successful snipers and the people just spent alot of money on a role the just realised they dont like. Ask yourself this:
Do I have the patience to be a sniper?
Can I sit waiting for a long time to get a shot at someone?
Will I shoot the first person I see or will I allow them to get away if it serves a greater purpose?
Am I a team player?
Will I crawl or skull-drag for a fair distance to remain concealed just to take one shot that matters?
Ask yourself again, do I have the patience to be a sniper?

If your answer to these is yes then you should have what it takes to be a sniper. This disipline is what separates successful airsoft snipers and the members of this forum and those that think that as soon as they get a sniper rifle they will be like Mark Walberg in Shooter. They soon quit as they learn they do not have the patience.

Having a good rifle is also needed. Though I disagree that you need to spend $1000 on the rifle including upgrades. It really depends on your needs. I terms of the skills you need, learning fieldcraft techniques and inderstanding your rifle inside and out is a must.

A sniper rifle does not a sniper make, but a good rifle helps.

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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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