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How much skill?

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I'm just wondering how much skill plays apart in sniping? How much is the rifle and how much of it is the shooter?
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Sniping takes the most skill out of any other role in Airsoft. Which is why there is a big rush for everyone to be one, they view the few who make names for themselves as the elites and picture themselves as such. This is why brands like UTG and Well make a lot of money selling those L96's. Sure they are cheap, but they just get the person into the sport, which is usually the deciding factor. I do agree with Pearl on the 60/40, but it is a case by case thing. Majority of players will find themselves getting shot out a lot by the few who just go out there with the attitude that they'll win. It's just how it is.

Anyone who tells you airsoft isn't about the gun is a full of shit liberal. This isn't skateboarding or something where everyone's skill is equal, Airsoft really is a large majority about your rifle. If you have a horrible rifle, your chancing of being a good sniper is about 10%. If you have a very nice rifle that shoots straight and true for around 75 yards, your chances of being a good sniper are about 75%. But again, if you suck and you don't know what your doing, you won't be good. It's simple as that.

Shortly put. Sniping requires more skill than any other role in airsoft. Consider yourself 1337 shit if you're well known.
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Nothing really. I mean, you can't be a sniper shooting .12g bb's. Also, it's near impossible to be a sniper with .2g bb's. So your best bet is if your shooting .3g or heavier.
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