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I wouldn't use a mouse pad as they can break. By purpose built or use silicon based plastic stuff found in some Iphone covers and nearly all Wii remote covers.

I wouldn't use the electrical tape on the spring but something else if you can. I use it as a sleeve so it is just floating over the spring and not taking away any power or consistency, same goes for spring guide. Make sure it is not tight just gliding. I cannot emphasis this more.

The gelled piston and cylinder head will have a minimal effect on fps if done right. But be very careful doing it on the piston head as it can really muck up the piston moving etc.

have everything airtight makes it quieter too. As well as greased (Silicon based if possible, not spray) - I.e grease the piston O-ring for smoother movement.

Put baffles in the silencer. Most say it is overkill but I did notice a change in sound from a distance. I.e - you could hear the gun from 25ft before and then after putting them in 20ft.

I know you don't want to touch the spring but if you put in a stronger trigger and really want a quieter gun I would get a higher powered one and cut it until the piston doesn't hit the cylinder head anymore. This will completely eliminate the sound of the piston.

Now all you need to worry about is the visibility and the sound of the BB's. ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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