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How to deal with poor sportsmanship.

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I don't mind the cheats, I can handle rude marshals, but poor sportsmanship has no place in anything. The answer, as always, is smile and ignore it. However, if you catch it on camera - share it with the world.

Meet Steve.


Skirmish Airsoft - Trenches - 7/04/2013, with Steve - YouTube

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Aww...I love people like that. Wish I still had my 600fps sniper. That quickly changed some minds..though it always shocked me when they stuck around haha.
That sucks. Luckily I haven't seen stuff like that here on finland. Every now and then someone doesn't call their hits but thats it.

The problem in that video is that there is no way we could actually see the hit.
I have not run into that. We do have an epidemic of un called hits. Lately I ref as often as I play to help curb this issue.

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How tight are the boundaries and who is likely to be shooting in from outside the game area?? what a muppet, any hit on you or your equipment is a hit (dep on ricochet rules) take it respawn like an adult. Steve looks like he didn't want to work up a puff walking more than anythign.

Also what site is that? might be good to link it in the video description, there are 3 skirmish airsofts in norfolk alone.
Ha, Priceless :lmao:

And all because the fat man dressed in black, in woodland, hiding behind a couple of saplings wrongly thought he was being uber tactical..... Cuz thats what its like when he plays Call of Duty in the his arm chair at home :hehe:...... Fukwit!! :doh:
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I find the trouble with sniping at long distances (50-60m+) is people don't believe they've been hit, or believe it was just a falling twig or something. Especially when it's a single BB in the middle of nowhere, and their enemy are "meant to be" hundreds of metres away.

There are many times where this has happened with me, and they hear it, but just don't accept it. The people at the site near me are usually excellent at calling it though, and if it's entirely unbelievable then occasionally they will stand in the same spot for 15 seconds, waiting for the second hit, or shot, before calling it. I'm fine with that too.

For the people that don't call it, I usually just remember their faces, and then next time I see them i'll shoot them where it hurts - top of the thigh, or an exposed arm.

The last site I went to though, one of the known regulars, a good friend of the marshals etc, took a hit of mine from less than 40m to the chest, with quite a thwack. He decided to ignore it though, and I wasn't able to take another shot. It's frustrating when that happens because I know if i were to complain, the marshals would be on his side, and I'd just be the "visiting noob sniper whining because he can't shoot straight".

Sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and play on.
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I love people like that.

Hell durring a Breedland game, which I am getting ready to leave for, I had guys doing that to me. So my Co got on the ref's channel and told them where I was at and where I was going to be shooting at. Well after 5 300' shots the refs started to believe that I was able to hit what I was shooting at.

Now at my home field.....we have guys that don't call their hits. So this is what full auto, and four guys are for. We had one guy that wouldn't call his hits, even though I was 30 feet from him. Didn't call it and dropped to the ground and started scanning with his weapon. As soon as he fired a shot myself and 3 other guys opened up on him and sent him running and crying off the field.

After the game we went back, and he was whining that we were cheating and over shooting people after they called their hits. After we pulled up the GoPro video of it...... yeah he walked off the field and went home.
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I marshal at a site and when we get reports of players not taking hits I'm usually called in to test kill the player with my 500fps VSR.
If the test shot is not declared as a hit we warn the player and get them to wear a pink hi-viz vest for the next game.
If they are reported as not hit taking again... The next hit the player gets is a boot up the ass off site.:yup:

Nice video..
Well the ethical thing to do is to use a mounted cam and show it to the refs later. What most of us do anyway is to simply where it hurts, like any bare skin or knuckles. I don't have the money for a gopro so it isn't an option for me.

I remember Cheese Man saying that he is authorized to use steel ball bearings (.88g bbs) in his rifle, and set it to high power when he sees people not calling hits.
Where I play there isn't a big problem with people calling hits. Kids are usually the ones who don't call hits, and I've had a few who have not called.

I normally send another shot and if it connects and they still don't call it, I aim for exposed skin on the next shot. After two hits I usually don't have enough respect for the player to care where the bb lands, so I try for exposed necks, arms, legs, etc. so they know they feel it.
We have some problems with douche-baggery on occasion, it is normally when new to airsoft codsofters show up, thinking they are the greatest thing ever to set foot on Earth.

I too find myself volunteering to help marshal/ref games at my field. I enjoy it. It gives me a interesting view of the game. I have learned quite a bit from just sitting back and watching.

Anyway back to the topic, generally I let the field staff know and show them any footage of it if I have any.
While I'm definitely for getting rid of people who are bad sportsmen, keep in mind a lot of hits aren't noticeable. With all the tacticrap people wear, it's easy to hit someone at an angle that they don't feel. This is doubly bad for those with single-shot rifles at long-range. Most probably do think its a twig or something.

What I'm trying to say is be absolutely sure before you go and take action over a cheater.
LOL.... Douche-baggery.... Like it!!!

I find most cheating tends to happen at poorly run skirmish sites with weak or totally ineffective marshalling.
You can hear most rounds striking the target at well over 250 feet.
If the person just doesn't feel it, they will have a completely different reaction compared to someone who did and didn't call it when you tell a ref. It's hard to put reactions into words, you just sort of learn over time. If I think they didn't feel it, I'll say I believe them and I'm sorry I accused them. It havens VERY seldom though.
I'm new to Assault, and honestly Im shit at it after playing afew games. Assault classes really suffer from cheating, because I could round a corner, light someone up with a 4 round burst and they turn around and hit me. I hate cheaper, and tacticrap is no longer an excuse for me. When sniping, I could quickly solve this by ending the chance of him ever having children. But now? Well, Im screwed.
Yup. What the refs at my field do when I'm there is they just have me thwack him at 9J with steel bearings from this hill that overlooks the field (nobody's allowed up there unless somebody isn't calling their hits). That usually works in 1 hit, though this one time I had to hit the guy 3 times in the hand for him to finally call it... o_O
Lol, had this happen to me yesterday at a local skirmish, some little kids were playing and another player and I were taking pot shots at them from about 40 yards the other player had a full auto rifle but they still weren't calling their hits! So I decided to get my pistol and knife, I ran up to them and shot them from 5 yards and still wouldn't call it! So I raged a little and walked away and decided to aim for some better targets...
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