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How to deal with poor sportsmanship.

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I don't mind the cheats, I can handle rude marshals, but poor sportsmanship has no place in anything. The answer, as always, is smile and ignore it. However, if you catch it on camera - share it with the world.

Meet Steve.


Skirmish Airsoft - Trenches - 7/04/2013, with Steve - YouTube

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I'm new to Assault, and honestly Im shit at it after playing afew games. Assault classes really suffer from cheating, because I could round a corner, light someone up with a 4 round burst and they turn around and hit me. I hate cheaper, and tacticrap is no longer an excuse for me. When sniping, I could quickly solve this by ending the chance of him ever having children. But now? Well, Im screwed.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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