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How to deal with poor sportsmanship.

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I don't mind the cheats, I can handle rude marshals, but poor sportsmanship has no place in anything. The answer, as always, is smile and ignore it. However, if you catch it on camera - share it with the world.

Meet Steve.


Skirmish Airsoft - Trenches - 7/04/2013, with Steve - YouTube

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I find the trouble with sniping at long distances (50-60m+) is people don't believe they've been hit, or believe it was just a falling twig or something. Especially when it's a single BB in the middle of nowhere, and their enemy are "meant to be" hundreds of metres away.

There are many times where this has happened with me, and they hear it, but just don't accept it. The people at the site near me are usually excellent at calling it though, and if it's entirely unbelievable then occasionally they will stand in the same spot for 15 seconds, waiting for the second hit, or shot, before calling it. I'm fine with that too.

For the people that don't call it, I usually just remember their faces, and then next time I see them i'll shoot them where it hurts - top of the thigh, or an exposed arm.

The last site I went to though, one of the known regulars, a good friend of the marshals etc, took a hit of mine from less than 40m to the chest, with quite a thwack. He decided to ignore it though, and I wasn't able to take another shot. It's frustrating when that happens because I know if i were to complain, the marshals would be on his side, and I'd just be the "visiting noob sniper whining because he can't shoot straight".

Sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and play on.
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