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How to deal with poor sportsmanship.

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I don't mind the cheats, I can handle rude marshals, but poor sportsmanship has no place in anything. The answer, as always, is smile and ignore it. However, if you catch it on camera - share it with the world.

Meet Steve.


Skirmish Airsoft - Trenches - 7/04/2013, with Steve - YouTube

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I marshal at a site and when we get reports of players not taking hits I'm usually called in to test kill the player with my 500fps VSR.
If the test shot is not declared as a hit we warn the player and get them to wear a pink hi-viz vest for the next game.
If they are reported as not hit taking again... The next hit the player gets is a boot up the ass off site.:yup:

Nice video..
LOL.... Douche-baggery.... Like it!!!

I find most cheating tends to happen at poorly run skirmish sites with weak or totally ineffective marshalling.
You can hear most rounds striking the target at well over 250 feet.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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