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If you hurt yourself, or damage anything, I'm not responsible.

This is a cheap and cheerful mod that you can do in get a decent gain in FPS (between ~15-30). It requires some power tools, so please be careful!.

What You will Need

Cylinder head of your BASR (I used one from my BAR10)

Electric Drill

Rotary Tool (I used a Dremal), With a cone shaped sanding head

Three different grits of sandpaper (I actually used two grits of abrasive cloth, one 219, the other being 100, and some 220 grit sandpaper)

Paper towels and some Q-Tips


Wheel polish

Terrycloth Towel

What to Do:

Step One:

Insert your Cylinder head with the nozzle facing into the chuck of your drill, and tighten the chuck. This creates a ''poor mans lathe", which can be useful for many things.

Step Two:
Turn on your rotary tool, and spin up your drill. contact the sanding tip to the hole at and angle, and start to shape and form your cylinder head. here is mine before any kind of sanding after being shaped.

Step Three
Start sanding using your coarsest grit, and then medium, then finest (I suggest wet sanding on the finest grit). Work the paper in and out of the head, making sure to get the whole thing.
here is mine:

If you don't have any of the optional stuff, you just need to give it a good cleaning, and your done!

If you do have it, follow the instructions on the container to achieve a bright, shiny finish. I suggest you cut the compound with water. This makes it less able to remove material.

Here is an unpolished one compared to one that is polished:

Thanks for Reading!

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The idea is no where near original, but I figured people would like a guide, and the fact that Fuzzy is a sucker for anything with ''How-To" in the title

Sticky worthy?
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