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I have an ARES MSR 338. The folding stock is very sloppy in both locked and folded positions. The previous owner put some electricians tape on the joint so it's now stable. What is the best long term way to fix this problem (besides the tape)?

Here are some ideas I have.
1. The axle seems loose so I'm going to drill out the axle hole and insert a piece of tubing that is a perfect fit for the axle.
2. I don't want terrible wear at the top and bottom so I will use a washer to shim it there.
3. The overall casting of the but is too small. I have some brass shim stock which I can fill the gap but I would like to glue them in place somehow. Do I just epoxy them in there? Should I instead just use an epoxy and try to sand/cut it down to a perfect fit? I could fill the area with some JB weld and lock it closed then hopefully separate the two pieces getting a perfect fill.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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