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How to get a stripped screw out of a hop-up

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Yeah, stupid companies can't make high quality screws anymore. My PDI placement screw is stripped. How can I get this out without destroying my magwell + hop-up.
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I've got an extractor set that i pick up at Home Depot for ~$10. You drill a hole slightly small than the part of the screw that has the threads on it (technical name?), use the bit that would fit and drill into the hole clock wise, then put the drill in reverse to back the screw out.
BeckLR1 said:
Good news. For the future, the extractor is often called an EZ-Out. You can get them many places but a place everyone knows and has by them is Sears. Most places refer to them as EZ-Outs.
I knew there was a common name for them, but I didn't have them at hand to look at the package, and I was too lazy to go into my basement to look. xD
grim said:
Tannerite ?
Blow it apart?!
bobgengeskahn said:
inthetallgrass said:
I have a feeling this would be slightly counter productive.
Not nly would you have to shoot it with a high-power rifle, the following explosion would blow the rest of the gun apart. Although, it would be fun to watch xD
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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