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How to get a stripped screw out of a hop-up

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Yeah, stupid companies can't make high quality screws anymore. My PDI placement screw is stripped. How can I get this out without destroying my magwell + hop-up.
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Pics? That would really help... Typically with stripped heads I would drill it out... but thats usually on bigger projects. For smaller things I use needle nose pliers. If its backed out a bit push some heat shrink tube over it and heat it up, it'll act like grip tape so you can grab it easier with the piliers.
awagg said:
Same here. The allen screw to take on and off my bolt is stripped. Any ideas?

EDIT: This doesn't really work for my issue, but I've found that if you dremel a slash through the screw, you can use it as a flat head. I've did this before and it actually worked very well.
This is actually a really good method, the only reason I didn't suggest it is because hop up screws are typically recessed and getting a cutting disc down there can be hard/damaging to the parts that still work, but if it works go for it!

As far as the hex bolt goes, you mean the one center in the back of the bolt handle? For that I would put the whole bolt in a vice and drill the center out since the bolt is bigger. The idea isn't to drill all the way down the bolt, the idea is to drill out the top with a wider bit than the shaft of the bolt, so you are drilling through the head, since the head is what is holding whatever part on. Then you can pull the part off and remove the bolt with pliers or w/e depending how much is sticking out.

Replacement parts are actually really easy to find, you just need to go to your local hardware store and have some parts with you to thread check. Eve if the bolt you end up having to get is too long you can cut it and just clean up the thread ends with a decent small file.
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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOh... to be honest I've been neglecting my ASR recently, too much focusing on other projects and not enough games to baby it recently.

But, for that screw I would first try one of these

Called an extractor or extraction bit (what Mgunner was talking about) you drill a hole down the center with a normal drill bit and jam that other thing in there and back it out.

If that doesn't work I'd take a my Dremmel with a small cutting disc and make a deep cut perpendicular to the barrel and use a blade screwdriver. You'll probably hit the plastic a little, but not enough to really damage it.

Edit: as a side note, this same thing happened to the Aero chamber on my ASR, I was able to go to the local ACE with the hop up in my pocket and find a chrome molly metric hex screw to fit in there; no more stripping problems! And now I can take down my whole ASR with just a set of hex wrenches :)
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For just a single bit, figuring you have drill bits, $5-$10 depending where you go, you can get them online for cheaper. I got one at ACE a while ago for about $6. Pretty decent investment in general though since they fit a range of screw sizes...

Heres one for $8:
Good deal! I would STRONGLY recommend getting a steel hex screw from a hardware store to replace it. At some point I'd like to do that for all of my guns, makes a world of difference.
Relevance??? I think you may have posted in the wrong thread... or forum... or proboard...

inthetallgrass said:
Mgunner said:
Blow it apart?!
I have a feeling this would be slightly counter productive.
^^^ mmhmm... and I'm not sure that that would actually "remove" the screw
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